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How Big Data Enables One to Have a Restful Sleep
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The global mattress market is anticipated to be worth $43.43 billion, while the sleep aid market is expected to reach $79.85 billion annually by 2022. FREMONT, CA: According to research, nearly 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from some...

Here Is How AI And Big Data Is Changing Healthcare
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Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are reshaping the healthcare industry by providing benefits that are essential and profitable. FREMONT, CA: Artificial intelligence resonates in many industries. However, their impact on healthcare changes a...

4 Trends We're Watching in Healthcare in 2019
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Craig Herron, Managing Director of iSelect Fund, an early-stage venture capital fund in St. Louis.

Healthcare is massive economic burden in this country. How massive? According to the National Health Expenditure Accounts, the federal agency that has tracked healthcare spending in the U.S. since the 1960s, it now totals roughly $3.5 trillion...

Points to Remember While Starting Your Healthcare Cloud Journey
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As technology becomes more prevalent, healthcare organizations need to create a robust roadmap for acceptance of discoveries and stay up to the mark. FREMONT, CA: Not long ago, IT experts in healthcare considered the cloud only as a location to...

New and Improved Technologies Changing Dentistry
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Exciting times for dentists are here! People are beginning to appreciate the impact of the digital dentistry revolution. The state of the art technologies is improving the patient experience while reducing the time spent in a dental chair....

Big Data can Now Help Identify Metastatic Breast Cancer!
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Researchers can now distinguish between a benign tumor and a malignant tumor cell line with the assistance of differentiated data sets provided by big data platforms. FREMONT, CA: Over 2 million new cases of breast cancer reported in 2018...

Top 6 Trends to Cure Healthcare Startup Problems in 2019
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FREMONT, CA: With the gradual addition of AI, Chatbots, and Robotics in various process of healthcare sector last year, the need for the update has set ablaze innovations. The availability of state-of-art technologies is overriding the risk...

Big Data: A Big Brace for Healthcare!
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FREMONT, CA: Big data has become a phenomenon across all industries, and the healthcare sector is an opportunity for big data to unveil its data-driven capabilities. Hence, making healthcare processes proactive as well as aligned to meet the needs...

Big Data and AI Driven Healthcare Transformation
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Frank Wang, System VP, IDN Decision Support Analytics, Health First, Inc.

The healthcare industry has been facing challenges, specifically in the areas of cost, quality, and accessibility for decades. The problem-focused approaches have created some improvements, but they still leave a multitude of opportunities to...

Growing use of Big Data in Healthcare
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FREMONT, CA: The healthcare industry is flourishing at a faster rate, and the necessity to manage the abundant health data also is on rising. Newer technologies are being adopted industry to tackle this enormous volume of data. One such...

Document Management 3.0: Big Data, IoT And Infonomics
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Salvador P. Barragan, Director of Records and Information Governance, Pekin Insurance

Document management is sometimes used synonymously with records management by some organizations and record managers. For this article document management is the capture, indexing, valuation, storage, modification and sharing of digital files...

Leveraging Blockchain to Securely Access Healthcare Data
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The healthcare sector is defined for a long time by its push to vertical innovation. Billions of dollars in medical and pharmaceutical research are spent annually. The increasing business interest of a global industry seeking better margins is...

The New Blockchain Prototype drives the Medical Industry
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Blockchain, the latest technology emergent has introduced the world to a digital invention which is a distributed network of data. The linked blocks of digital information provide an optimized way to handle big data and other operations related to...

Data Security in HealthCare
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Mark Eggleston, VP, Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer, Health Partners Plans

1. What are the current market trends you see shaping the Healthcare InfoSec Space? The shortage of information security professionals is prevalent. While many CISOs are working on implementing creative solutions to ensure more folks think...

How Big Data is saving Lives by Improving Vaccination
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With an exponential increase in population, humans are more prone to numerous types of contagious and non-contagious diseases. Major diseases which were dreaded by humans like smallpox, rinderpest, and meningitis C have been eradicated. Polio and...

Improving Cybersecurity for Healthcare Providers with AI and Big Data Analytics
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According to a new report by Infosys, cybersecurity, big data, and Artificial Intelligence are among the world's best technologies for medical and biotechnology companies. The report, Digital Outlook: Healthcare Industry, also shows that the...

Innovative Prediction Tools with Real-World Data
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Big Data is a big name, too often confusing and misused, but it must never be ignored that in recent years, the data available to users has become more diverse and complex than ever before, both structured and unstructured, proven from...

Machine Learning will Shape the Future of Healthcare?
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Continuous technological developments in healthcare have enhanced the entire experience for both patients and medical professionals improving operational efficiency and standards in patient care. Machine learning helps physicians analyze...

How AI and Big Data are Accelerating the Healthcare Industry
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One of the biggest beneficiaries of modern technology is the field of healthcare and with the emergence of AI and Big data in this sector; one can witness the ever-growing potentials of these technologies. They have a lot to offer in this field...

The Promise of Big Data for Measuring Outcomes and Performance in Health Care
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Hon Pak, Chief Medical Officer, 3M HIS

Hospitals are facing tremendous pressure to remain profitable. A recent study from the Congressional Budget Office suggests that absent productivity growth, 51—60 percent of hospitals could have negative margins by 2025. With the rising...