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What are the Digital Health Qualities that Enhance Clinical Trials?
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Digital health is significant in clinical trials as it creates personalized experiences and tailored therapies for patients. FREMONT, CA: As tending to clinical issues gets confounded, computerized digital health innovations take out the...

The Importance of Being an Active Investor
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Glenn Rieger, General Partner, NewSpring Capital

How do you define your investment style? We consider ourselves to be active investors with our growth acuity fund as very seldom we take complete control of a company. We are not a buyer firm which acquires management control and board...

How to Tackle the Shortage of Cybersecurity Workforce in Healthcare Organizations?
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The workforce lacks proper training to handle cybersecurity, which results in the downfall of the organization. FREMONT, CA: In today's cybersecurity environment, there are still a very tiny proportion of hospital managers who still think...

Trends in Healthcare Compliance
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FREMONT, CA: The minefield of rules and regulations is hindering the implementation of emerging technology in healthcare. The rise in cyberattacks and growing concerns over data privacy has resulted in the roll-out of laws that have limited the...

Inspire Series from Fitbit to Monitor Health
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From the introduction of wearables to the deployment of advanced hospital devices, the healthcare sector has passed through diversified filters of changes due to the advent of technology. Today, connected wearable devices have changed the whole...

Digital Hospitals for a Healthier Australia
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Dr. Bronwyn Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Standards Australia

In the Productivity Commission report “Shifting the Dial: 5 year productivity review ” released in October 2017, there is a chapter dedicated to Healthier Australians. Extracts from recommendations in this chapter include...

The Know-how of Hearables in Healthcare
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A hearable utilizing wireless technology consists of additional biometric movement or proximity sensors that can help a smart device to gather information about a user’s behavior. It is also built with voice-enabled virtual assistants....

6 Ways To Tackle Cyber Threats faced by the Healthcare Industry
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Healthcare industry needs to be more vigilant regarding the growing array for cyber threats and must take practical and efficient steps to lock down the sensitive data. Robust security needs to be adopted, by that it means one has to adopt...

Going from Reactive to Proactive
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Chirag Padalia, Director of Workforce Strategy, and Analytics, Aurora Healthcare

With recent evolution in the landscape of HR technology, there has been an increase in the number of organizations leveraging data and utilizing it to derive insights that drive their decision-making process. More and more organizations are...

Cloud Computing in Pharma Industry
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Joe Touey, SVP, GSK North America Pharmaceuticals IT

Many Pharma and life sciences companies consume cloud computing in the form of software-as-a-service. GSK deploys all email and collaboration technology— in the Microsoft cloud. Hence we operate in several countries with hundred...

Implementing the "Four Pillars" for Managing Population Health
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William Feaster, Chief Medical Information Officer, Children’s Hospital of Orange County

CIOs from medicine-facing businesses, whether provider organizations, pharmaceutical companies, payers or medical device companies, will all be impacted by the current national shift to “value-based” care from...

Innovations in the SaaS World
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John Ragsdale, CIO, Senior Care Centers, LLC

In the ever-evolving realm of technology, it is imperative that organizations adopt, innovate, and upgrade per the latest trends. In today’s world, numerous technology-driven innovations have made it difficult for organizations to choose the...

It's More than just a Ransomware
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Phil Curran, CISO & CPO, Cooper University Hospital

Ransomware is making all of the headlines. I certainly do not want to downplay the disastrous effects of ransomware, but I wonder if we are placing our emphasis on the wrong area. Ransomware is loud and pretty hard to...

Integrating RTH solution to Adopt Remote Working Employees
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Dave Gravender, CIO, Alameda Health System

Coming into the role of the CIO for Alameda Health System (AHS) in the San Francisco Bay area, a 5 hospital system, we had 30 people on staff for the application team. 16 of those people were consultants that had been with the department for at...

Innovative Healthcare and Well-Being Services
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Mark Warlick, CIO, Beacon Health Systems

I've had the unfortunate opportunity to be a part of yet another HIPAA category security breach violation that contained PHI. A "sophisticated phishing attack" circumvented the security technology we had built. We do a full HIPAA...

Health Performance Specialists: Empowering Successful Medical Practices with Analytics
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Chris Pittman, MD, DABR, FACPh Douglass Pace, COO

Assists physicians with analytical insights that shape the business architecture of their medical practice as well as produce optimal patient outcomes

GEMMS: The Complete EHR Solution for Cardiologists
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Rodger Pinto, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Offers a complete interoperable and integrated application for EHR and Revenue Cycle Management and is launching an innovative remote patient management platform

Enhanced Revenue Solutions: Fostering Unparalleled Revenue Enhancement
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Kristeen Coronado, President & CEO

Provides medical billing support and services to health systems, hospitals, and physician practices

meVisit: Ushering a New Telemedicine Era
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Ken Johnson, President & CEO, the AIMS Group

A mobile telemedicine platform designed by working clinicians for the clinicians, revolutionizing the way medical providers engage with their patients

Ascent Health Solutions: Powering Comprehensive Gains across RCM
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Ajay Kapoor, Founder, Director & President and Rajat Kapoor, Founder, Director & CEO

Provider of state-of-the-art revenue cycle management and physician and patient engagement system, enhancing a healthcare provider’s bond with patients and cash flow