AscellaHealth: PBM purpose-built for Rare and Orphaned Conditions

AscellaHealth: PBM purpose-built for Rare and Orphaned Conditions

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Dea Belazi, President & CEO, AscellaHealthDea Belazi, President & CEO, AscellaHealth
Most rare disease patient cases go unattended because a feasible cure does not exist. The constant evolution of the human body has brought along with it many complications that are yet to be understood and addressed by medical science. It is still uncertain as to when the affordable drugs will be ready, and, on the other hand, currently available medicines and treatment options tend to be costly. Organizations are coming forward in need of assistance to curb the challenges they face while handling patients with rare or orphaned diseases. Often, top management at small and mid-sized companies extends healthcare services to their employees, and find it hard to comprehend the medical bills they receive. AscellaHealth, a company with outstanding experience in pharmacy benefit management (PBM) assists their clients by providing quality-driven technological solutions that help reduce the cost of treatment; the amount of which can surge into hundreds of thousands of dollars sometimes even millions for patients per year. The humane nature of the company and the methods it employs to give back to society is attributed to their charismatic leader, Dea Belazi, CEO and president.

At AscellaHealth, the aim is to understand the requirements of their client and patient before entering into a contract with them. The platform that the company deploys is patient-friendly and engages with them to inquire about their disease, and the cost of the treatment that is currently in place. Equipped with this information the team at the company begins to act on devising methods on how they can save money on care plans, and create better savings for their customers.

Most companies that provide PBM services concentrate on larger conditions and often miss out on the specialty or rare disease areas.

I think the cost-containment aspect that we carry-out continues to evolve, it continues to be our primary focus, where we are looking for better ways to bring better pricing to our customers

AscellaHealth concentrates on those specialty and orphaned conditions that have limited treatment possibilities, and excessive costs that companies are generally burdened by while making payouts. “I think the cost-containment aspect that we carry-out continues to evolve, it continues to be our primary focus, where we are looking for better ways to bring better pricing to our customers,” says Belazi. On a clinical perspective, AscellaHealth continues to work with physicians, and healthcare providers to manage a patient’s proper being in a manner that supports the qualitative care they deserve. “Whether it is the acquisition of the drug cost, or working with manufacturers to gain bigger and better discounts, we continue to improve especially as our volume grows,” asserts Belazi.

The company mission is to educate their pharmacists, and other clinical staff through solutions which are accessible via the web, or a mobile application. The learning curve is to avoid a lapse in terms of care—making sure patients are not missing out on medications, and to check whether there are any side-effects or misuse of the prescription drugs they consume during treatment.

AscellaHealth has helped numerous clients face their problems with rare disease cases and has helped patients find hope. Owing to its unique value proposition, the company has seen its revenue and workforce increase two-fold in the recent past. Heading into the future, a plan to recruit more staff members both for their clinical and technology teams is on the cards. Having established themselves as a premium PBM provider that deals with specialty diseases, they plan to expand to other areas of interest. The team at AscellaHealth is presently in discussion with organizations to be able to handle smaller disease cases that demand attention, where there might be more patients, and treatments are significantly cheaper.